My Origins

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, my family, and I moved to Massachusetts, United States when I was ten in hopes of having access to greater opportunities and better education.

This move offered a fresh start: while I had to leave Puerto Rico and family behind, it also brought an abundance of opportunity to learn about a new culture, gain new perspectives and integrate new traditions.

My educational background

I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at the University of Central Florida. You could say I was naturally drawn to this career in my younger years where I worked alongside my father, an engineer himself. My father was a strong role model to me, and instilled many foundational skills needed for engineering including being meticulous, thinking on my feet and working efficiently.

Moving South for my education allowed me to discover myself without my family’s influence. I was able to experiment, make mistakes, and meet new people, all contributing to the woman, professional, and leader I am today.

My journey building a diverse skill set

In my 15 years of working, I’ve gained experience in six different industries from military and footwear to door manufacturing. Within those industries, I’ve tried various roles from industrial engineer and plant manager to human resources. This diverse set of experiences has brought opportunities for gaining a strong set of transferable skills that have shaped the leader and professional I am today.

I’ve navigated intense, male-dominated culture, to more motivating and enthusiastic workplaces where celebrating accomplishments was encouraged. I gained clarity on how to engage people, and the ability to strike the balance between being personal while still being authoritative.

Along the way, I’ve given myself the grace to take a step back from my career when I needed it most to be closer to family, reconnect with my values, re-center myself, and reflect on my definition of “success.” I’m confident this collection of skills paired with my drive and desire to connect with people from all walks of life, will allow me to be successful in my new venture as a consultant, trainer, and coach.

My personal motivators

I am happiest when out in nature, and love exploring the great outdoors. I pride myself on living a healthy lifestyle and am bound by my strong faith. I am a firm believer in strength in mind, body, and spirit.

I’m determined to visit all the Ontario National Parks and collect all of their associated badges and hope to visit all parks in Canada and the United States one day. Camping and being outdoors is a tradition for my family, including an annual trip to Algonquin and Killbear Provincial Parks particularly to see the beautiful fall landscape of colorful leaves, and to catch a glimpse of a moose (if we’re lucky!).

When I’m not exploring the outdoors, you can find me working on my strength and conditioning or enjoying a run. Movement and exercise are very important to me and are key in helping me stay healthy and balanced.

Pursuing my dream

Through my journey of trying different industries, and roles and moving to different states and countries, one thing rang true: my constant desire to help others grow and to do so by always staying true to myself and my values. That is why I am here now, creating my path and pursuing my dream.