Unleashing Grit with Grace

Join Maria Vicens on a journey of transformation, where grit meets grace and empowerment blossoms. With a career fueled by innovation and a commitment to empowering others, Maria offers a unique perspective on personal and professional excellence.


Nurturing You: A Self-Care Journey

  • Embrace the vitality of your health and the serenity of your spirit.
  • Create an oasis of calm in a world that never stops moving.
  • Align physical prowess with emotional wisdom for enduring relationships.

Efficient Time Management: Taking Charge of Your Time

  • Reclaim your days with strategic planning and unshakable focus.
  • Transform your daily grind into a dance of deliberate steps.
  • Harmonize ambition with peace in the quest for a fulfilling life.

Clear Connections: Communication Essentials

  • Forge clarity in chaos and simplicity in complexity.
  • Elevate your listening to hear what’s unspoken and understand the unsaid.
  • Harness digital tools to create presence in absence.

Daily Task Management: Integrating Work and Family Life

  • Craft your life’s tapestry with goals that speak to your soul.
  • Map out your milestones and navigate your journey with precision.
  • Share your resources wisely, cultivating abundance in scarcity.

Thriving Through Collaboration: Building Stronger Bonds

  • Build bridges in professional spheres and fortify foundations at home.
  • Resolve to rise above conflict with compassion and courage.
  • Join hands with peers and loved ones to sculpt a legacy of unity.

T.I.M.E Framework

  • Maria’s signature approach to assess, define, and execute your productivity to maximize your efficiency


  • Gain actionable insights to prioritize self-care and personal growth.
  • Learn practical strategies to optimize time management and productivity.
  • Enhance communication skills for greater impact and influence.
  • Achieve a harmonious integration of work, family, and personal well-being.
  • Foster stronger relationships and collaboration for collective success.


Invite Maria Vicens to inspire and empower your audience at your next event. Experience the transformative power of grit and grace firsthand.